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Coaching Application

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All coaches included but not limited to head coaches, practice coaches, play counters, water boys, photographer etc. must be certified by USA football.

If any coach is found with a violation of this rule during practice or games no matter the circumstance they will serve a 1 game suspension. 2nd offense 1 week suspension of practice and 1 game. 3rd offence removal of the head coach and the coach in question will not be allowed on the coaching staff for the remainder of the season.

No more than 8 coaches on a sideline. All 8 coaches must be certified and have their certifications on a lanyard around their neck. It’s up to the head coach to keep his sideline clear. Not the Clubs responsibility. If a coach cannot control his sideline than he should not be a coach.

Equipment Drop Off:
All coaches dropping off equipment on practice fields must have vehicle off the field no later than 5:45pm. No exceptions. No matter what time you start practice. No driving on fields to pick up equipment until all children are gone or after 9:00pm whichever comes first. This is a safety issue. If a coach is found in violation then that coach can lose all privileges of driving on fields to drop off equipment. At no time will a coach leave his or her vehicle on the practice field. No exceptions. Practice areas are within the chain link fence and on the South side of 7th & 8th grade center. This area is subject to change so if you’re not sure please ask.

I hereby certify that the facts set forth in this coaching application are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that if I falsify statements on this coaching application, I may not be considered for coaching duties. I hereby authorize the Bixby Youth Football or its representatives to conduct an investigation into my background history to verify the above information. I also further understand that I will abide by all rules, policies, and by-laws of the League and that my actions can be held accountable to any and all of the forementioned and that I can be suspended, put on probation, or removed from coaching by the Board of Directors per their rules and by-laws.
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